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Yvonnick Jambon

Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa

Formerly CEO of ACCERES, Yvonnick Jambon was appointed by Ekkio Capital to create and lead Acceres in 2017.

He has been in the Agricultural business for 20 years. Starting as an agronomist, he joined the Crop Protection Industry in 1998, in Sales & Marketing with Bayer CropScience.  He then joined the The Roullier Group (Fertilizers), to lead their Marketing activities in South Europe and South America.  He supported the formation of several Group subsidiaries across the world, finally creating the Roullier subsidiary in Romania.

In 2006, he joined Nufarm, to lead, in succession, the Mediterranean Area, Canada, France and European Businesses. 

Yvonnick is also Manager for SynTech’s EU Western Zone.
Yvonnick can be contacted at: yjambon@syntechresearch.com


Yvonnick Jambon