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Dr. Colin Ruscoe

Director of Communications

Colin Ruscoe is Communications Director for SynTech Research, covering global promotion via the corporate website, advertising and marketing information. He is a member of the SynTech Leadership Team, contributing to governance and strategy development.

Colin is also Chairman of the Advisory Board of BCPC (the British Crop Production Council) and Chairman of the Scientific Committee (Product Development) of IVCC (the Innovative Vector Control Consortium).

Previously a Business Development Consultant to bioscience, media and charitable organisations, Colin has had a career in Syngenta’s legacy companies’ (Zeneca/ICI Agrochemicals), managing their HQ Research Stations as well as Business Planning, Global Product Development, European Product Development, Bioscience Research, and Insecticide Discovery.

He has an MA in Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge, UK) and a PhD in Insect Physiology (University of East Anglia, UK).

For further information please email: info@syntechresearch.com

Dr. Colin Ruscoe