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Dr. Cristina Benros-Ythier

EU Regulatory Manager

Cristina Benros-Ythier is European Regulatory Manager for SynTech Research. Cristina has a Doctorate in Computational Molecular Biology and worked in several laboratories (INSERM, CNRS) in the course of her PhD and postdoctoral studies.

She has managed a team of scientific and financial consultants in an international consulting company, which assists R&D companies in obtaining research tax credits and grants for innovative projects .

Cristina is developing SynTech Regulatory Affairs’ offer to provide high quality Biological Assessment Dossiers for clients . She is also developing SynTech’s expertise in Ecotoxicology Risk Assessment, to provide complete regulatory packages

Cristina will be based at SynTech France and can be contacted at cbenrosythier@syntechresearch.com