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Directors and Global Managers

President and CEO – Dr. Khosro Khodayari
Chief Financial Officer – Mr. Nicolas Ciampi
Director of Asia Pacific – Mr. Lino Rondon
Director of North America – Dr. Jasper Barnes
Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa – Mr Yvonnick Jambon
Director of Latin America – Mr Fernando Gallina
Director of Global Sales & Business Development – Mr. Eric Ythier
Director of Communications – Dr. Colin Ruscoe
Manager of HR – Ms. Helena Paulikova

Global Account Managers

Regulatory – Business Development (Biosolutions) – Dr. Marisé Borja
GLP – Mr. Daniel Mourad
GEP (Bioefficacy) – TBA
Screening and Resistance testing – Dr. Parsa Tehranchian

Zonal Managing Directors

EU Western Zone – Mr Yvonnick Jambon
EU Southern Zone – Mr. Francisco Lopez
EU Eastern Zone – Mr. Philippe Dalla Nora
Latin America Zone II (Spanish Speaking Countries) – Mr. Carlos F. Caballero

Program Coordinators


Regulatory – Dr. Marisé Borja
GLP – Mr. Antoine Robidas
GEP – Mr. Francisco Lopez
Seeds – Mr. Jacques Gales
Ecotoxicology – Mr. Eric Ythier
Food Processing – Ms. Sophie Soulier

North America

Regulatory – TBA
GEP – Ms. Mariana Krugner
GLP –  Mr. Daniel Mourad
Seeds/Traits – Mr. Shane Andresen & Mr. Gary Shultz

Latin America

Regulatory – Ms. Andréia Paes Shiwa (Brazil), Mr Raul Luna (Spanish Speaking Countries)
GLP/GEP – Ms Edilaine Gaitarossa (Brazil), Mr. Carlos F. Caballero (Spanish Speaking Countries)
SeedsTraits – Dr. Roberto Goulart (Brazil),Mr. Carlos F. Caballero (Spanish Speaking Countries)

Asia Pacific

GLP/GEP – Mr. Conrado Bidaswa
Seeds/ Traits – TBA