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Who we are

Organization and ManagementMission and commitments

SynTech Research was established in the USA in 1999 and delivers a wide range of services from well-documented individual trials to overall product development programs. The founder and partners of the company are all former scientists and managers from one of the largest multinational agrochemical and biotechnology companies. It now employs over 350 full-time professional and support staff worldwide plus over 200 part-time consultants and other staff.

SynTech Research assists over 150 company clients in evaluating new and existing compounds and providing GLP/GEP – compliant regulatory and bio-efficacy studies for compound registration and re-registration of agrochemicals, biorationals and seeds/traits.

SynTech Research has field stations/offices in over 30 countries:

North America

  • USA, Mexico

Latin America

  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • France, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, South Africa

Asia Pacific

  • South Korea, Philippines, China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand

Regulatory Services are located in Hockessin, Delaware (for North America), Macon, France (for Europe) and Brazil, Chile (for Latin America).