SynTech’s Kansas QA team

SynTech Research can provide GLP Auditing Services, using its experienced global team of qualified Quality Assurance personnel.

The Quality Auditing services include:

  • Critical phase inspections
  • Data reviews
  • Final reports / field summary reviews
  • Facility / site inspections

SynTech has a team of seventeen in-house Quality Assurance professionals, four in North America, eight in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy,  Hungary and Poland), four in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and one in Asia/Philippines.

Its Quality Assurance capabilities by technical area and geographical region are shown below.

Field study QA audit in progress

Technical Areas North America Europe Latin America Asia
Residue field X X X X
Residue lab X X
Ecotoxicology field X X X
Ecotoxicology lab X X
Soil dissipation X X X X
Operator exposure X X
Facility inspections X X X *

* Quality Assurance personnel from North America or Europe to provide service

For further information contact:
Cathy Webster – QA Team Lead
Tel: (913) 378-0998 Ext. 105