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A main element of SynTech’s strategy is to expand these services globally. We want to recruit experienced Project Managers and Study Directors especially for our worldwide Regulatory Service offerings for agrochemicals, biopesticides and growth enhancers.
Career opportunities are available for people interested in joining us to help rapid growth of SynTech Research Regulatory Services.
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Program management

SynTech can provide a full management service package

SynTech can provide a full management service package

SynTech Research is a global Contract Research Organization, whose team of seasoned professionals has extensive experience in the research and development of crop production products. The company delivers high quality field and laboratory studies to determine the safety of agrochemicals and agronomic performance of major crop varieties hybrids. We add value and competitive advantage to clients through our in-depth knowledge of the crop protection industry and its products.

A full management service menu is provided to organizations wishing to develop plant protection products, from new chemical entities or formulations, through to assisting with registrations in new territories or crops. SynTech Research offers a range of multi-discipline and cross-site services to enable customers to plan, manage and deliver all – or elements – of a project.

Programs are planned to determine studies required

Programs are planned to determine studies required

We have experienced project managers with scientific and technical skills, who work closely with customers to define objectives and associated trial plans adding value and providing results on time and cost-effectively.

The range of services offered includes:

  • Planning of programs and input to protocols to meet technical and commercial objectives, including determining studies required for biological assessment dossiers
  • Program management at global, regional and country level
  • Study Direction and Monitoring at country, regional and global level
  • Laboratory and field characterization of product performance (GEP), environmental fate (foliar and soil residue studies) and ecotoxicology (GLP), using its network of sites in over 30 countries
  • Reporting in standard and customer-designed formats.

Regulatory services

SynTech Research can provide regulatory services

SynTech provides regulatory services in the EU, Latin America, Asia Pacific and via an exclusive partner in the US.

For all products:

  • Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Plant Growth Regulators, Seed treatment, Adjuvants, Biopesticides.
  • New and Existing active substances, Re-authorisation, Formulations, Extension of use, Mutual recognition.


SynTech provides a range of Regulatory services in the Region. This includes providing a Full Efficacy Package – from field trials to BAD preparation.

Biological Assessment Dossier preparation

  • Biological Assessment Dossiers (BAD) – Efficacy data and information
    Cross trials data analysis (summary tables, graphs), critical analysis of the data package, dossier writing;
  • Draft registration reports (dRR)
    Agrochemicals, Biopesticides   
  • National and Zonal dossiers
    Centre, South, North, EU
  • Ecotoxicology Risk Assessments

Latin America

SynTech has 20 years’ experience in regulatory services to companies wishing to register their products in the region – Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Central America. We offer a full package  – from field trials through to registration and post-registration support:

  • Simultaneous registration
    across all countries
  • Holding/maintaining product registrations
    on behalf of clients
  • EUP/RET import permits
    Brazil, Argentina, Chile – regulatory products
  • MSDS, label updates
    to international guidelines
  • Post control registries
    Andean countries
  • Risk assessments

To download a copy of the Program management and regulatory services flier click here

For further information please contact: Eric Ythier Global Marketing and Sales Director
Email: eythier@syntechresearch.com