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Public health, animal health and laboratory bioassay services

SynTech Research provides comprehensive laboratory, semi-field and field studies on pests of urban, agricultural, medical and veterinary importance. Services are available in Europe, the Americas and Asia. The company’s Public Health testing centers are located in three key locations – USA, France, and the Philippines. Studies are conducted to GEP/GLP and WHOPES, OECD, EPA, ISO, BS, IRAC, AFNOR or CEB guidelines, as required. Laboratory and semi-field tests can be conducted in the European and Asian locations depending on local pests and testing requirements.

Syntech Research, ecotoxicology

Topical testing on cockroaches

Our services include:

  • program design and management
  • delivery of results and recommendations

Public health

Insecticide testing is conducted on flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites, moths, fleas, beetles, bedbugs, ticks, lice, mice, chiggers and wasps.

Contact, feeding and residual assays are undertaken in environment-controlled laboratories.

Semi-field or field testing takes place on ants, flies, mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Animal health testing

Animal health testing

Laboratory and field trials are conducted on rats, mice, voles and moles.

Animal health

SynTech Research carries out insecticide testing on ticks, fleas, stable flies, litter beetles, poultry mites.

Laboratory bioassay services

Laboratory, semi-field and field studies are undertaken on agricultural and stored product pests.

Laboratory studies on agricultural pests

Laboratory studies on agricultural pests

Studies include laboratory and greenhouse screening, resistance monitoring and mode of action testing, conducted in SynTech Research laboratories in the US, EU and Asia Pacific.

To download a copy of the Public health, animal health and laboratory bioassay services brochure click here.

For further information contact:
Americas requests: David Marsden, Global Account Manager GEP (Bioefficacy)
Email: dmarsden@syntechresearch.com

EMEA & APAC requests: Mr. Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC
Email: eythier@syntechresearch.com