Environmental biotechnology laboratory services

Environmental biotechnology laboratory services

SynTech Research Laboratory Services, LLC is a GLP laboratory providing technical services to the agricultural market. It now offers a range of biotechnological services to clients developing GMO Seed/Traits technologies. The Environmental Biotech Lab, operating from SynTech’s global headquarters in Stilwell, Kansas, provides developmental or routine testing from DNA to proteins – from PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) services to ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assays).

The laboratory complements the company’s GMO/Seed/Traits field testing and ecotoxicological services.

GenoGrinder for plant tissue protein extraction

GenoGrinder for plant tissue protein extraction

Seeds and biotech traits

Confirmation of desired GMO Seed/Traits in crop (plant or seed) as part of clients’ Quality Control programs

  • Protein Expression in GMO crops determined by ELISA (qualitative and/or quantitative):
  • DNA analysis (PCR services) to determine presence or absence of GMO trait inserts
Gel electrophoresis to evaluate crop DNA inserts

Gel electrophoresis to evaluate crop DNA inserts

Future offerings will include:

  • Quantitative PCR: Determination of percentage of GMO in bulk samples and gene expression (mRNA) of GMO traits
  • IRM monitoring: on-plant or tissue extraction assays for resistance monitoring & annual monitoring programs (biotech aspect: protein expression of host plant’s GMO traits via ELISA)

Aquatic ecotoxicology

Support for EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program studies:

  • Larval Amphibian Growth and Development Assay (LAGDA):
    • Genotypic sexing by PCR
    • Endocrine endpoints
  • Medaka reproduction studies:
    • Genotypic sexing by PCR
    • Vitellogenin expression (by ELISA)

Future offerings will include gene expression analyses by quantitative PCR, e.g. Medaka vitellogenin mRNA and support of aquatic protein feeding assays

Avian ecotoxicology

  • Canary genotyping by PCR

Future offerings will include support of avian lyophilized protein feeding assays  and avian 2-generation test (hormone endpoints: T4 and vitellogenin)

ELISA analysis of protein expression in crops

ELISA analysis of protein expression in crops

Additional Future Services

  • ELISA assay development and trouble shooting

For further information contact:
Global requests: Scott Ward, Director of Laboratory Services
email: sward@syntechresearch.com