Biocontrol Agents

Pheromone trials on Corn Earworm, USA

Pheromone trials on Corn Earworm, USA

SynTech Research delivers successful trials with Biocontrol Agents (BCAs) for the control of pests, diseases and enhancing crop emergence/growth and quality. It has wide experience with microbial and microbial agents, semiochemicals, natural products and bio-chemicals, in an extensive range of arable and horticultural crops, using its worldwide network field stations in 29 countries.

Soybean BCA trial

Soybean trial, Argentina

Ceratitis trap in citrus fruit

Ceratitis trap in citrus, Spain

Soil borne disease BCA application

Soil borne disease BCA application

SynTech’s scientists have evaluated an extensive variety of candidate products in laboratory, glasshouse and field programs, against pests, diseases, and for growth enhancement and quality improvement, in:

  • Corn (Heliothis)
  • Cereals (growth enhancement, drought resistance)
  • Rice (Chilo)
  • Soya (growth enhancement, drought resistance)
  • Pome and Stone fruit (Cydia, Anarsia, Monolinia, Coryneum, fruit quality),
  • Vines (Lobesia, Uncinula, Plasmopara, Botrytis, Phomes, fruit quality)
  • Citrus (Ceratitis, Panonychus, Aonidiella, Penicillium, Botrytis)
  • Bananas (Sigatoka)
  • Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Peppers, Strawberries, Artichokes (Nematodes, Pseudomonas, Phytophtora, Pseudoperonospora, Alternaria, Sclerotinia, Penicillium, Bremia, Botrytis, Pythium, nematodes, flowering and growth enhancement, drought resistance).

Materials tested include:

  • Bacillus thuringiensis, B. subtilis, Trichoderma, yeasts and other fungi
  • Semiochemicals and other natural products (pheromones, attractants, repellents, oils, Renoutria extract)

SynTech has conducted particularly extensive BCA programs in the US (pests, diseases, weeds), Latin America – Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile (pests, diseases, growth enhancement) and Europe – Spain, Portugal, France (pests, diseases, growth enhancement, fruit quality and drought resistance).

For further information contact:
Americas requests: David Marsden, Global Account Manager GEP (Bioefficacy)

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