Ecotoxicology services

SynTech Research offers a wide range of laboratory, semi-field and field ecotoxicology services on non-target organisms.

Studies are conducted for research purposes and/or following appropriate regulatory and quality regulations for the submission of chemical and seeds/traits regulatory dossiers to:  OECD, EPA, JMAFF, PMRA and Latin American authorities.

Aquatic toxicology

Aquatic toxicology

Study types

  • Avian toxicology for further details click here
    • acute and reproductive laboratory studies
    • upland game, water fowl and passerine species
  • Aquatic toxicology for further details click here
    • acute, partial chronic and full life-cycle laboratory studies performed under static, static-renewal and flow-through test conditions
    • fish, invertebrates, sediment organisms, amphibians, algae and aquatic macrophytes
    • endocrine effects testing
  • Non-target arthropods (NTAs) for details of Terrestrial Ecotoxicology click here
    • laboratory, extended laboratory, aged residues, semi-field and field studies
    • beneficial organisms, phytophagous and dung non-target arthropods
  • Non-target plants (NTPs)
    • seedling emergence and vegetative vigor studies
    • crop and weed species
  • Soil organisms
    • laboratory and field studies
    • earthworms, collembola, predatory mites, enchytreids and soil microflora
  • Honey bees and other pollinators. For details of the Bee Health Unit click here
    Honey bee testing

    Honey bee testing

    • honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees
    • laboratory testing (Acute and chronic studies on adults and larvae)
    • side effect and residue (bee matrices) semi-field and field studies in Europe, USA and Latin America

Analytical support

Quantiva 4 - State-of-the-art equipment

State-of-the-art equipment

Analytical support to our aquatic, again and terrestrial ecotoxicology studies is provided via our state-of-the-art laboratories

  • method development, verification and/or validation
  • water, sediment, bee matrices (pollen and nectar), plant and animal tissues

Program management and risk assessment

In addition to Study Directorship of individual studies, SynTech Research can provide management for the coordination of comprehensive testing programs along with preparation of regulatory submissions including ecological risk assessment.


SynTech Research’s global ecotoxicology laboratories are located at in the USA at Stilwell, Kansas (avian, aquatics and pollinators) and in France – Mâcon and Nîmes (NTAs, NTPs, soil organisms and pollinators) as well as Spain and Brazil, with additional laboratory and field study resources provided through its worldwide network of research stations.

To download a copy of the Ecotoxicology Services brochure click here.

For further information contact:
Americas requests: Scott Ward, Director of Laboratory Services

EMEA & APAC requests: Mr. Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC