SynTech Research is rapidly expanding its worldwide Regulatory Service offerings for agrochemicals, biopesticides and growth enhancers.
Career opportunities are available for people interested in a variety of management, science expert and project management roles, in:

Planning/Organization of Data Packages and Completeness Checking

  • Including working with SynTech Research Laboratory and Field Services/other contractors for efficacy, residues, environmental fate and ecotoxicology studies

Dossier Preparation, Submission and Defence

  • Active substance and product registrations
  • Biological dossiers, risk assessments and exposure estimates
  • Post-submission support

Consultancy and Project Management

  • Regulatory and scientific consultancy
  • Contracting and monitoring laboratory and field studies
  • Task Force and consortium membership/management

Location: Various
Salary: TBA
Contact: For further information please email, expressing your area of interest and attaching a brief CV.