Field locations

  • Sanger, California – field and vegetable crops, fruit/nut trees, vines, ornamentals, turf; laboratory and greenhouse facility
  • Davis, California – field and vegetable crops
  • Visalia, California – field and vegetable crops
  • Maricopa, Arizona – cotton, alfalfa, corn, tomatoes, melons and lettuce
  • Stilwell, Kansas – corn, soybean, wheat, alfalfa, sunflower, turf and vegetables
  • Stewardson, Illinois – corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower, turf and vegetables
  • Atlantic, Iowa – corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower and turf
  • New Providence, Iowa – corn, soybean, alfalfa, wheat, sunflower, turf and vegetables
  • Orlando, Florida – fruit trees, vegetables and field crops


Stilwell, Kansas (SynTech Research Laboratory Services). Ecotoxicology studies on aquatic, avian and terrestrial species to GLP and GEP standards with analytical support for these studies, method development and validation. The analytical department provides residue analyses in support of SynTech’s global field trial network.

Sanger, California – Bioassay services, including early stage testing of agricultural and public health pests, weeds and diseases. Laboratory ecotoxicology including beneficials and other NTOs. Resistance detection and management studies.

For further information contact:
Field requests (Efficacy): David Marsden, Global Account Manager GEP (Bioefficacy)
Field requests (GLP): Daniel Mourad, Global Account Manager GLP (Residues)
Laboratory requests: Scott Ward, Director of Laboratory Services

Aerial view of Sanger research station

SynTech’s global HQ in Stilwell, Kansas