Syntech Research, Taiwan, field station

Field station in Taiwan

Pingtung (south)
The HQ of SynTech Research’s exclusive partner. Taiwan is a superb field testing location, favoured by many multinational companies. It is ideally located for year round testing as the climate allows for two to four crop cycles per year, providing for accelerated development programs.

Syntech Research, Taiwan, cucumber trials

Cucumber and aubergine trials

A very large range of tropical and semi-tropical crops and targets is available, plus a number of temperate crops and targets, including:

Vegetables – beans, onion, eggplant, cucumber, melon, pea, brassicae, strawberry

Field Crops – rice, tobacco, soybean, corn, peanuts

Perennial crops – pineapple, papaya, mango, citrus, sugarcane, grape, asparagus, banana, tea

SynTech Research in Taiwan has access to highly experienced contract staff carrying out field trials across this range of crops.

Country contact

Chris Huang, No 96, Alley 5, Lane 870, Canton Road, Pingtung
Tel: (886) 87668296 Mob: (886) 912492796
email: chuang@syntechresearch.com