SynTech Research Spain’s headquarters and main Research Centre is located at Picanya near Valencia in the east of the country. The site covers 30,000 sq.m. As well as open field trials areas, it includes 2,200 sq.m of laboratories / storage area, 5,400 sq.m of greenhouses / protected cropping and 600 sq.m of offices.

The laboratories, which include a large number of growth chambers and walk-in freezers, are used for ecotoxicology, residue sample preparation and homogenisation, processing, seed treatment and post-harvest trial work.

The eight SynTech locations can provide trials on over 100 crops grown in Spain including:

  • citrus
  • vines
  • fruit trees
  • cereals
  • olives
  • maize
  • vegetables (open and protected)
  • sugar beet
  • rice
  • sunflower
  • industrial crops

Galicia (north west) – vines, maize, tomatoes and potatoes
La Rioja (north) – vines, potatoes, vegetables, cereals and sugar beet
Cataluña (north east) – vines, fruit trees, cereals, olives and maize
Valladolid (central) – vines, potatoes, cereals and sugar beet
Murcia / Almeria (south east) – protected crops, citrus fruits, vines, grapevines, table grapes, fruit trees, vegetables and tropical fruits
Sevilla (south west) – citrus fruits, vines, rice, fruit trees, cotton, cereals, olives, vegetables – protected and open field
Tenerife (Canary Islands) – banana and tomato.

Other features include:

  • GEP/Efficacy: field, greenhouse, nematicide testing, post-harvest
  • Seeds: handling and treatments
  • GLP/Residues: crop/soil residues, DFR, operator exposure
  • Ecotoxicology, bees, NTA, NTP, soil, aquatics
  • Wine making, fruit processing and oil extraction
  • Regulatory services

For further information contact:
Country requests: Lidon Avinent, Spain Managing Director
EU requests: Mr. Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC

Country site:

The site has extensive greenhouses

...and protected cropping areas

Rice stem borer trial, Ebro delta

Banana sampling in the Canary Islands