South Africa

Coffee grown in South Africa

Coffee grown in South Africa


Nelspruit (north east) – the headquarters of Agricultural Research Station (ARS), an exclusive partner for SynTech Research in South Africa. It provides testing capabilities for SynTech Research in the southern hemisphere and European off-season testing.

This location can provide the majority of crops grown in South Africa such as:

  • cotton

    Syntech Research, South Africa, sunflowers

    Sunflowers grown in South Africa

  • peanuts
  • cereals
  • maize
  • sugar cane
  • sunflowers
  • vegetables
  • fruit trees
  • vines
  • potatoes
  • tobacco
  • citrus fruit
  • sorghum
  • coffee
  • papaya
  • mango
  • avocado

Country contact

Dr. Davide Ferrari

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