SynTech Research works with co-operator CROs to deliver trials and other services in Italy. Its main co-operator is SAGEA Centro di Saggio S.R.L. with headquarters at Castagnito d’Alba in Piemonte (north west).

Services include:

  • GEP/Efficacy: field, greenhouse and lab screening
  • GLP/Residues: crop/soil residues, DFR
  • Seeds: handling and treatment
  • Ecotoxicology: bees
  • Processing: fruit processing, wine making, oil extraction

Major crops include:

  • vines
  • fruit trees
  • rice
  • vegetables
  • cereal crops
  • maize
  • sugar beet
  • potatoes
  • vegetables
  • strawberries
  • minor crops


Rice, Piemonte

Vine fungicide trial

Zucchini fungicide trial


Italy – locations

Our co-operator SAGEA has a number of field locations.  In addition to its HQ site Castagnito d’Alba has satellite sites in:

Palagiano (south-east) – major crops in this area include: dessert grapes, fruit trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, vegetables and strawberries.

Satellite sites at: Cormons (north east), Bologna(central), Francolise (south west), Palagiano (south) and Catania (Sicily).

For further information contact:
Mr. Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC

Italy – locations