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The headquarters of SynTech Research Colombia  is located in Medellin, with satellite sites in the coffee zone, Uraba and Antioquia, covering the full range of cropping areas. SynTech Colombia covers the full range of cropping areas particularly the banana and coffee regions. Services include residues and bioefficacy trials (agricultural and stored product pests) and Phase I Biotech (GMO) projects (regulatory, fieldwork, sampling and shipping).

This covers all main crops in Colombia, including:

  • coffee
  • banana
  • tomato
  • ornamentals
  • pasture
  • vegetables
  • citrus
  • pineapple
  • sugarcane
  • oil palm

For further information contact:
Country and LAM requests: Carlos F. Caballero, LAM Technical Manager
email: cfcaballero@syntechresearch.com

Pineapple trials

Banana sampling