SynTech Research has both field and laboratory operations in Brazil; field trials and pollinator studies are managed from SynTech Research’s offices in Piracicaba and analytical studies are performed in its São Paulo laboratory.

The satellite field sites are located in the main agricultural regions of Brazil:

  • Piracicaba/SP
  • Primavera do Leste/MT
  • Formosa/GO
  • Bandeirantes/PR
  • Santa Maria/RS
  • Petrolina/PE.



Brazil field distribution

Field services

SynTech Research Brazil has 15 highly qualified and trained permanent staff who conduct trials throughout the country on the major crops, including:

  • corn
  • soybean
  • sunflower
  • wheat
  • coffee
  • sugar cane
  • citrus
  • pome and stone fruits
  • rice
  • vines
  • vegetables
  • soft fruit
  • ornamentals

Trial types include: Crop residue trials, conducted under GLP license (Inmetro 0037); Bioefficacy trials (including early screening and phase III studies) under MAPA regulation and GLP honeybee pollen and nectar residue trials.


Analytical laboratory, Brazil

Field trials in Brazil

Residue studies

Operating under GLP license Inmetro 017 and accredited since 2010, our laboratory provides analytical support and experienced study management for GLP residue studies including:

  • crop matrices
  • bee matrices (pollen and nectar studies, hand and bee collection)
    • Pollen, nectar, flowers, leaves, anthers, soil.
  • soil dissipation studies
  • processing studies: sugarcane, citrus, corn and coffee
  • import tolerance studies (EPA/OECD)

 along with analytical method validations and storage stability studies. Crop samples are stored in 90 cubic meters of freezer space, homogenized on-site and analyzed via LC-MS/MS or GC-MS by an experienced team of chemists.


Pollinator studies, Brazil

Bioefficacy studies

  • exploratory and registration trials
  • MAPA accreditation in 2011
  • EUP phase 2 and 3

Regulatory services

  • EUP
  • registration
  • risk assessment

Ecotoxicology side effects studies

  • field, semi-field and laboratory bee studies (acute and chronic studies)
  • Inmetro approval expected by October 2017

Seeds / traits studies

  • protein expression, composition, agronomic, residues, NTOs
  • CQB and Inmetro approval expectation by March 2018

For further information contact:
Country requests (Field): Edilaine Gaitarossa, Brazil Field Testing Manager
Country requests (Laboratory): Scott Ward, Director of Laboratory Services
LAM requests: Carlos F. Caballero, LAM Technical Manager

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