Assessing soybean trials for Helicoverpa sps in Argentina

Assessing soybean trials for Helicoverpa sps in Argentina


The headquarters of SynTech Research Argentina is located in Victoria Entre Rios, with administrative offices in Munro, Buenos Aires and satellite sites at Mendoza and Alto Valley, Rio Negro.

Field services

The services cover all the main crops in Argentina, including:

  • soybean
  • wheat
  • maize
  • sunflower
  • sorghum
  • potato
  • cotton
  • rice
  • canola
  • sorghum
  • pasture
  • pome, stone and citrus fruit
  • grapes
  • vegetables
  • tobacco
  • sugar cane
  • garlic and onions

GLP studies

On all crops: from design of study plan, fieldwork, to shipment of frozen samples.

  • five years GLP work
  • accredited by OAA since March 2014
  • residue studies
  • GMO-GLP studies


On maize, soybean, sugarcane, wheat and cotton.

Bioefficacy studies, Argentina



  • efficacy studies for regulatory purposes
  • eight years experience
  • evaluations: pests, diseases, weeds, PGR and fertiliser

Seeds / Traits studies

  • fourth season of regulated trials
  • protein expression
  • agronomic evaluation
  • hand pollination
  • residues

    Seeds and traits studies, Argentina

Regulatory projects

Including EUP, equivalent dossier for TGAI and FP, import permits, additional origins, additional uses and shipping of TS samples for regulatory and GLP work.

Spraying apple trees, Argentina

SynTech Research in Argentina also delivers agricultural and public health product registration and consultancy services, coordinating programs throughout South and Central America.

Spraying rice

Spraying rice

For further information contact:
Country requests: Magdalena Zingoni, Argentina Managing Director

LAM requests: Carlos F. Caballero, LAM Technical Manager