Experiments in the new Ecotoxicology laboratories in SynTech France

New SynTech laboratories in France (Macon) and Spain (Valencia) have just been opened, adding more than 600 m² of additional laboratory space to our current facilities, fully dedicated to Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

The main feature of the expansion is increased capacity and capability for Pollinator, Soil Organism and Non-Target Arthropod studies, which has been driven by a strong increase in customer demand.

Assessing Ecotoxicology studies in SynTech Spain

SynTech Research’s Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Team provides complete study programs, delivered by experienced Study Directors and Principal Investigators, specialized in each domain of Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

Higher tier semi-field and field studies (Non-Target Plants, Pollinators, Soil Organisms and Non-Target Arthropods) are also conducted from our field stations and satellite sites in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

With these additions to its existing Terrestrial laboratories in France (Nimes), USA (Stillwell, KS) and Brazil (Piracicaba, SP), SynTech Research is undoubtedly a Global Leader in Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

For more information, contact:
Eric Ythier, Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager,
Email: eythier@syntechresearch.com