SynTech Research’s 2018 US pollinator study program has now started at our California Field Research Station  in Sanger, CA. SynTech is conducting these trials for a wide range of clients, including global R&D-based agrochemical companies. Field phases are being conducted at several locations in the US, the main sites covering several EPA regions as CA, FL, TX, ND, IA, IL, NY and our main bee testing facility in KS. Programs are being delivered by bee specialists including Study Directors and Principal Investigators experienced in working with a wide range of pollinators.

SynTech provides a full range of services, including acute and chronic studies on adults and larvae of honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees, field and semi-field studies on side-effects, and residue studies. The analytical phase for the field program based in the US is performed at the SynTech Research Analytical Laboratory in Stilwell, KS.

For further information, please contact:
Houston Howerton, Team Lead – Field Ecotoxicology for SynTech US,
email: (NAM requests)
or Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC,
email: (Global requests).