The winning images in SynTech’s annual PhotoCompetition, just announced, are a great illustration of the Company’s range of locations and activities. SynTech Research staff conduct agrochemical, BCA (biological control agent) and seeds trials in all continents and environments. They work in rice padis in Vietnam, UK wheatfields and vegetable plots in the Alpine foothills of France, the corn fields of central California and sunflower fields of Brazil.

Residue trial on Rice, Vietnam copy 2 Wheat, ear Application
Residue trial on Leeks France - Copy Pheromone Trial on Corn Earworm, USA_USA_082115
Sunflower trial in Brasil

This work, plus analytical laboratory studies and poly-tunnel work with pollinators, are illustrated in photos taken by SynTech staff during the course of their trials for clients during the year.

Laboratory collaboration Stilwell, US[1] copy Semi-field bee trial France copy 2

Acknowledgements and congratulations to the competition winners: Conrado Bisawda (Philippines), Julian Brown (UK), Flavio Obara (Brazil), Mariana Krugner (US), Méodie Ainé (France), Deanna Stevens (US) and Karine Faye (France)