SynTech’s research station in Sanger, California  completed an unprecedentedly wide field trial program in 2018. This included GEP field trials on: insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, biostimulants, N- fixing inoculum, tomato seed amplification, pollinators and soil amendment for drought resistance (see images). 70% of these trials were on crop production (fertilizers and biostimulants).  

A major GLP programme (magnitude of residue, field accumulation in rotational crops) was also delivered.  

Use the link below for a view of the Sanger Research Station during the season: 

The station is now preparing for an even larger program in 2019, including laboratory, greenhouse and field testing – all of which can be performed under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) or Good Experimental Practice (GEP) as required by customers


Preparing trial for herbicide application

Tomato seed amplification

Pollinator tunnel trials

Cantaloupe, bell pepper and tomato trials