Bee research team

Bee research team from left to right Andres Risso, Soledad Nieva – Study Director, Magdalena Zingoni, MD and LAM Regulatory Manager, Lucia Passadore – QA and Penny Rodriguez – SynTech Research Argentina.

SynTech Research conducts a wide range of laboratory and field pollinator studies, and this year has a particularly large study program in the US and EU. Penny Rodriguez from SynTech Argentina, (pictured,right, with others in the SynTech Argentina team), experienced in honeybee fieldwork, will join SynTech’s teams in Sanger, California, which will be conducting honeybee trials in cotton and on bumble bees.  She and other staff from SynTech’s international field network (including Andres Risso, also pictured) will also gain experience in the range of trials – GEP, GLP and Seeds including GMO traits – conducted by SynTech in the US.