SynTech Research launches new corporate identity in the U.S. at NAICC, Fort Worth, Texas. USA.

SynTech Group NAICC 22 Jan 2011

Attendance at this year’s NAICC (the US National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants) conference on January 17 – 22  was one of the largest ever, providing SynTech Research with ample opportunities to meet and discuss domestic and international research with researchers and clients.  The event was used for the U.S. launch of the new SynTech corporate identity, along with its expanded services. This was well received, with hundreds of visitors stopping by the SynTech booth to discuss ongoing business and future plans.

Feedback from clients on SynTech’s 2010 efforts was extremely positive, and relationships with preferred client groups are growing stronger by the season.

SynTech also conducted staff training during the week, focused on GLP and GMO trials but including electronic research programs and the conduct of efficacy research.