Iberia is at the forefront of development of biostimulants in the EU, and SynTech Research Iberia has conducted studies on these materials over a number of years. SynTech is receiving an increasing number of requests to support companies developing such products. Accordingly, a specialist, dedicated Biostimulants team has been established to support customers with field trials, and help with regulatory matters.

The team is led by Esther Debón and Juan José Cabello.


Esther is an Agronomist with a Master’s Degree in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology. After experience in Belgium (KU Leuven & Scientia Terrae) and UK (East Malling Research), she started working at SynTech in 2010, most recently as Project Manager Lead for efficacy trials.

Juan José is a Technical Agricultural Engineer and has experience in the agriculture and livestock sectors. He has worked for SynTech since 2011 as a Principal Investigator.

The team can apply its expertise to testing Biostimulants at the European level as well as in-country in Iberia.

For further information, contact Esther Debón Email: edebon@syntechresearch.es or Juan José Cabello Email: jjcabello@syntechresearch.es