The French Ministry of Agriculture and Bpifrance have set up a “Biocontrol Diagnostic” to limit the financial risks of biocontrol product R&D and so help bring products to the French market. The Diagnostic, aimed at SMEs developing these products, will fund 50% (up to € 120,000) of the costs of determining the regulatory feasibility of a new biocontrol product. Independent Companies registered in France with up to 2000 staff can request this subsidy.

Services that can be subsidized are:

  • Preliminary studies to characterize your product and its effectiveness;
  • Review of the scientific literature;
  • Preliminary risk analysis (“data gap analysis”);
  • Product Registration

GAB, part of the SynTech Research group of companies, can provide all these services as an Biocontrol Diagnostic Expert.
For more information our expert Marisé Borja