SynTech Research appoints crop specialists

SynTech Research appoints crop specialists for a number of key crops

Key elements of SynTech’s five-year strategy are to be recognized as the best CRO for Crop and Agronomy expertise and  to expand its Seeds/Traits Services.

There are five key crops in which SynTech has worked for a number of years and has considerable expertise through its global network of research sites.  To provide a focus for this expertise and facilitate its transfer into client’s programs, SynTech has identified lead Crop Specialists, who will provide advice to SynTech Global Account Managers and other SynTech staff on the design and delivery of clients’ global and regional programs:

  •          Corn (Maize): Gary Schultz and Dr. Luke Farno (SynTech Research US)
  •          Soybeans: Shane Anderson (SynTech Research US)
  •          Cotton:  Dr. Chuck Doty (SynTech Research US)
  •          Wheat:  Jacques Gales (SynTech Research France) and
    Jerry Calloway (SynTech Research UK)
  •          Rice: Simma Netaji (SynTech Research India) and
    Lino Rondon (SynTech Research Philippines)

In line with SynTech’s strategy it will also be enhancing its expertise and subsequently identifying Crop Specialists in the following crops: Oilseed Rape (Canola), Sunflower, Vegetable Crops , Sugarcane, Sugarbeet, Tree Fruit, Vine & Nuts Crops, Turf and Ornamentals, Cellulosic (Biofuel) Crops.

As previously announced, Dr. Luke Farno, Global Seeds/Traits Account Manager will provide specialist expertise for Seeds/Traits (including GMO) programs.