SynTech Research has acquired the field and laboratory GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) residue study functions of Syngenta Protecão de Cultivos LTDA, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Part of the Syngenta Protecão de Cultivos LTDA analytical laboratory acquired by SynTech

Part of the Syngenta Protecão de Cultivos LTDA analytical laboratory acquired by SynTech

Dr. Khosro Khodayari, President and CEO of SynTech Research said, “This is an extremely exciting event for SynTech Research, significantly expanding our analytical services as part of the Company’s 2020 global vision. We can now provide a complete residue service, including project management, adding significantly to our existing field studies capability and our offering to present and future customers in the region”.

The laboratory’s activities focus on regulatory residue studies in Brazil. An experienced team of 21, including; study managers, analytical chemists, QA auditors and field researchers, are transferring to SynTech as part of the acquisition. The group will form the backbone for SynTech’s further laboratory and field operations growth, providing continuity of field residue programs and analytical support for Syngenta, and servicing other crop protection companies throughout Latin America.

Scion 5500 LC-MS, MS unit, Brazil

Scion 5500 LC-MS, MS unit

The laboratory is fully equipped to receive, store, process, extract and analyze crop samples for pesticide residues. Analytical instrumentation includes SCIEX 4000 and 5000 LC-MS/MS units.

Dr. Phil Botham, Head of Product Safety at Syngenta said, “The acquisition of this facility by SynTech Research is excellent news for Syngenta and for our laboratory and field staff in the LATAM Product Safety team. It will provide us with the sustainability and flexibility we need to meet the increasing demand for dietary residue data required to support our pipeline.”

Transition from Syngenta to SynTech will take approximately three months to complete. During this period, operations will continue as Syngenta. Once all steps are completed official closing will occur and operations will officially move to SynTech Research. The laboratory team will then form part of a new company, SynTech Research Laboratório Brasil LTDA. The São Paulo site will also be the Latin America regional headquarters for SynTech’s laboratory operations.

“We are delighted to welcome these high quality staff, and for them to continue to support Syngenta’s on-going regulatory residue programs – plus those of other future customers,” said Dr. Khodayari.

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