Syntech Research announced on 7 January 2010, that the GLP inspection of its Brazilian facility in Piracicaba was successfully completed. Having received this GLP accreditation, SynTech Research do Brasil Ltda. can now perform GLP field studies for national accreditations following national guidelines and for import tolerances following OECD/EPA guidelines. It is expected that the GLP certificate will be received by March/April 2010.

The laboratory portion of the GLP studies will be handled via its partner, Bioagri (  Bioagri laboratory has held a GLP certificate, to perform studies in residue analysis, ecotox, environmental fate, toxicology, physicochemical analysis, 5-batch analysis, soils and metabolism, since 2000.

SynTech/Bioagri is one of the single largest field/laboratory agribusiness CROs in Latin America. SynTech has its own GLP trained field staff located in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. It is also able to provide field bioefficacy and seed (GMO) testing in these countries as well as other Latin America countries.

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