SynTech Research now performs pollinator side effect studies at its field testing sites in Brazil. Studies are performed on a wide range of crops and include:

  • Brood studies (OECD 75 and EPPO 170) in tunnel or open field conditions
  • Feeding studies (Oomen, 1992)
  • Guttation studies and effects of seed treatment dust
  • Field monitoring (honey bees and non-Apis pollinators)

Testing programs are delivered by bee specialists including Study Directors and Principal Investigators experienced in working with a wide range of pollinators, including honey bees, bumble bees and solitary bees.

Field phases can be conducted in several locations in Brazil and analytical phases are performed at the SynTech Research Analytical Laboratory in São Paulo.

We also perform bee matrix (pollen & nectar) residue studies from the field to the analytical phase, including Study Directorship, on a wide range of crops in several states of Brazil and other LAM countries.

For further information, please contact Edilaine Gaitarossa, Field Testing Manager SynTech Brazil, (Brazil/LAM requests) or Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EMEA & APAC, (Global requests).

To view a short video of a field brood study on sunflower in Brazil, please access this link: