SynTech Romania field station

SynTech Research has added to its global field trials network by opening a station in Romania, at Arad, situated in the west of the country. The main crops are cereals (maize, wheat, barley), oilseeds (canola, sunflower), soybean, forage, fruit and vegetables.  The station has three full time staff, including the Romania Trial Coordinator, Sergiu Treer (transferring from SynTech Research Germany), and Szilveszter Nagy, both of whom have Masters degrees in crop protection.

Weighing room, SynTech Romania

As well as offices, laboratory, weighing room and storage areas, the facility has a self-contained visitors’ guesthouse. SynTech Research in Romania is already operating to GEP standards and is anticipating GEP certification in July/August 2017, covering the full spectrum of field, fruit and vegetable crops.

For more information please contact Tibor Barasits, Managing Director ( or Sergiu Treer (