Acceres, currently in the process of merging with SynTech Research, has announced the acquisition of the Certis Research and Development activities in Germany. These comprise 15 staff in 2 facilities: the R&D Center (13 staff) based in Christinenthal, north of Hamburg and an additional field site (2 staff) located in Bad Durkheim, near Mannheim.

These provide efficacy testing, in growth chambers, greenhouses and the field, creation and optimization of agrochemical, bio-pesticide and biocide formulations, tank mix compatibility testing and trials sample management.

The Acceres merger with SynTech Research is expected to be finalized in the near future. The Certis R&D acquisition, alongside GAB Consulting, the Regulatory arm of Acceres, and SynTech’s existing Field Trials capability in the Germany, will establish the combined Company to be one of the major agricultural Contract Research Organisation (CRO) players in this key EU market.

Certis horticultural biopesticide IPM trial

Certis ferric phosphate slug pellets