Earlier this month, the Inspector for Chemical Substances (responsible for issuing GLP OECD certificates in Poland) held its Annual GLP Conference.

The event was organized to update all GLP certified companies in Poland on changes in the regulations in Poland. All companies from Poland with a GLP certificate (36 units) sent one or two participants to the event; SynTech attendees were: Andrzej Gruszka (Test Facility Manager), Eliza Potocka (PI), Anna Lewicka (QA), and Magdalena Kurek (Study Director and PI).

Notably, SynTech was invited as the representative Field Research Company to give a presentation. Magdalena Kurek presented on “Multisite-study in GLP practice”, describing the issues involved in conducting the field phase of research to GLP principles and particularly working with multisite studies in Europe

Magdalena Kurek speaking at Polish GLP conference.