SynTech Research has expanded its services in Mexico to include GLP residue trials and sample processing.

Trials in Mexico

Sample Processing Laboratory, Mexico

The SynTech Sample Processing Laboratory is located in Culiacan Sinaloa, the heart of agribusiness in northwest of Mexico, access to field and commercial greenhouses covering a wide range of crops from coffee and bananas to fruit and specialty crops. The facility is fully operational and offers high quality equipment to receive, store, process, and extract/homogenise crop samples for pesticide residues. Trials are performed in commercially important areas in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California. The team, led by Miguel Verdugo, Research Biologist, at SynTech’s Sanger, CA station conducted 36 residue trials in 2016, including work required following SynTech’s acquisition of Syngenta’s Brazil analytical facility

The GLP residue trials service and Sample Processing Laboratory facility will provide the basis for further expanding SynTech’s NAM business in Mexico, including other disciplines such as Bioefficacy, Seeds and Traits and Ecotoxicology.