Citrus Trial sampling, Argentina 2015

Citrus trial sampling, Argentina

SynTech Argentina has been officially recognised as a GLP-compliant Company by the Argentinian Monitoring Authority, OAA. The GLP accreditation covers all SynTech Research Argentina studies and sites, allowing national and international recognition of the Company’s “bio-compliance” trials, supporting registrations of products for both crop protection and agricultural biotech companies.

Tomato trial sampling – Argentina

Tomato trial sampling – Argentina

“I want to give special thanks to all our team who have worked with great patience and commitment over a long period for this result – I dedicate this accreditation to them,” says Magdalena Zingoni, Managing Director. “This accreditation completes the full spectrum of services provided by SynTech Argentina – Residue Studies including the field phase of scope 6-Residues, GMO Studies, Efficacy Trials and Regulatory Consultancy.”

SynTech Research Argentina has its Headquarters in Buenos Aires, with a main trials facility in Victoria (Entre Ríos), and trials units in Luján de Cuyo (Mendoza) and Alto Valle (Río Negro). Its coverage embraces the NOA region and neighbouring countries.