Francisco Lopez

Florence Bertrand

Karine Faye

SynTech has created a new EU team to ensure quality control of GEP trial protocol production and reporting. The team consists of Francisco Lopez (Technical/Program Coordinator), Karine Faye (Project Manager) and Florence Bertrand (Information/Data Manager).

Francisco is Manager of SynTech Research Portugal and has worked as Business Development Manager Iberia, EU GEP Project Manager and GLP Study Director; he is an experienced agronomist with a Masters in Business Administration and Management, and 15 years of experience in GEP. Karine is Quality Assurance Lead (GEP and GLP) in SynTech France, has worked as a Field Biologist and in Quality Control and Chemical management, and has degrees in bio-engineering, agronomy, viticulture and oenology. Florence has had roles in SynTech France as BioEfficacy Data Manager and GEP Lead, and is currently the Local Trial Coordinators Lead

The team will manage and monitor the enhanced processes throughout SynTech EU. Standardised protocol and reporting templates and strict quality control procedures will ensure  that identical protocols (where appropriate) for trials programmes across many locations/countries are approved by customers before trials initiation, and that reports are signed off before sending to the customer.

Additional in-country Local Trial Coordinators have also been appointed and in-country field training of field trialists by experienced Field Biologists will be employed to ensure implementation.