Toxicology - Daphnia


SynTech Research has recently expanded its Aquatic Toxicology services with a new European Aquatic laboratory, located in its Research Station at Picanya (Valencia), Spain.

Testing programs are delivered by aquatic toxicologists including Study Directors and Principal Investigators experienced in work with a wide range of aquatic organisms.

Toxicology Lemna testing

Toxicology Lemna testing

Toxicology - Zebrafish


The laboratory is able to perform static and semi-static acute studies with Daphnids (OECD 202/OCSPP 850.1010/JMAFF 2-7-2) and Fish (OECD 203/OCSPP 850.1075/ JMAFF 2-7-1), as well as growth inhibition studies with Algae (OECD 201/OCSPP 850.4500/JMAFF 2-7-7) and Lemna (OECD 221/OCSPP 850.440). Embryo Acute Toxicity studies with zebrafish (Danio rerio, OECD 236) can also be performed.

Toxicology - Algal testing

Toxicology – Algal testing

Other aquatic organisms and tests (chronic, endocrine effects etc.) are performed in our Aquatic Laboratory in Stilwell, KS, USA.

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