SynTech’s GEP efficacy testing program in Eastern Europe has been growing significantly over the past few years. The Company places particular emphasis on training its field staff by organizing regular training events. Earlier this month, eighteen delegates, from the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Germany with trainers from SynTech France and Iberia, attended a two-day GEP workshop at the SynTech Research Station in Semcice, Czech Republic.

The workshop concentrated on the use of ARM, InSite (SynTech’s data management software), Quality Control, meeting expectations from Project Managers and Sponsors, as well as various technical training sessions. SynTech’s  Semcice facilities, including its glasshouse and sugarbeet processing facilities were also on display.

Training session on Quality Control in GEP trials

SynTech Research station in Semcice, Czech Republic

Sugarbeet processing at the SynTech station

Glasshouses at the SynTech station