Edilaine Gaitarossa, QA Manager for SynTech Latin America

Edilaine Gaitarossa, Field Testing Manager for SynTech Brazil

Edilaine Gaitarossa has been appointed as Field Testing Manager for SynTech Brazil, where she will be responsible for all field activities in the country. Following an agronomy degree at the University of São Paulo, she specialized in Company Management at the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. Following training with SynTech in the USA, Edilaine returned to SynTech Brazil in 2009 and worked in several positions; as QA auditor, contributing to the development of the GLP system; country QA manager and then as QA Lead for LAM. Whilst planning and delivering the GLP programs, she has trained new team members in GLP and improved compliance of our sites

Edilaine can be reached at: egaitarossa@syntechresearch.com