SynTech Brazil’s Pollinator studies are now conducted in all our experimental stations at: Piracicaba, SP, Bandeirantes (PR), Palmeiras de Goiás (GO and other regions of Brazil. The program is coordinated by Dr. Thaisa Roat, who is passionate about her subject and has 20 years’ experience with bees.

As is already the case in the US and Europe, SynTech Research now has capacity to provide Tier 1, 2, and 3 studies in Brazil; determination of toxicity to bees from foliar residues, residue analysis in pollen and nectar, and assessment of potential effects on bees in semi-field and field conditions.

A more detailed explanation of SynTech Brazil pollinator services, the needs for such studies, and how they are performed, is provided HERE or contact

Andréia Shiwa, Regulatory Manager:,
Edilaine Gaitarossa, Field Trials Manager:,
Thaisa Roat, Pollinator Studies Coordinator:


Tier 1 – Topical testing

Tier 2 – Extracting nectar

Tier 3 – Tunnels for field effect studies