Christina Benros-Ythier, SynTech EU Regulatory Manager, will attend the CIR AgChem Forum 2014 which is to be held at the Crowne Plaza, Fira centre, Barcelona, Spain 9-10 Sept 2014.

Dr Ythier will be available for discussions on SynTech’s EU Regulatory services, particularly the company’s EU Biological Asessment Dossier offering.
Cristina can be contacted at cbenrosythier@syntechresearch.com

Attending this event will ensure that you are up to speed with the development and implementation of new guidance documents and testing methods for both human and environmental safety, including the risk assessment for bees, cumulative risk assessment, operator exposure, good modelling practice, higher plants and non-target arthropods.

Stream 1: Regulatory Frameworks

Stream 2: Human Safety: Toxicology and Exposure

Stream 3: Environmental Safety: Ecotox and Fate 

With over 500 senior level attendees from 290+ companies and 40+ regulatory authorities, CIR 2014 offers unrivalled partnering and networking opportunities before, during and after the event