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SynTech launches GLP QA auditing service

SynTech’s Kansas QA team


SynTech Research is now offering GLP Auditing Services, using its experienced Global Team of qualified Quality Assurance personnel.

The Quality Auditing services provided include:

  • Critical phase inspections
  • Data reviews
  • Final reports / Field summary reviews
  • Facility / Site inspections

    Field study QA audit in progress

SynTech has a team of seventeen in-house Quality Assurance professionals, four in North America, eight in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Italy,  Hungary and Poland), four in Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and one in Asia/Philippines.

SynTech’s Quality Assurance capabilities by technical area and geographical region are shown below.

Technical Areas North America Europe Latin America Asia
Residue Field X X X X
Residue Lab X X
Ecotoxicology Field X X X
Ecotoxicology Lab X X
Soil Dissipation X X X X
Operator Exposure X X
Facility Inspections X X X X*

* Quality Assurance personnel from North America or Europe to provide service

For further information contact:
Cathy Webster – QA Team Lead
Tel: (913) 378-0998 Ext. 105

SynTech North America GLP Program Lead appointed

Sam Eident

Sam Eident has been appointed as GLP Field Program Lead for SynTech North America. Sam is a Research Biologist and currently in charge of the GLP program at the SynTech facility in Stewardson, Illinois, He obtained his B.S and M.S. in Biology from Eastern Illinois University. Sam grew up in a farming community in central Illinois, and has been employed with SynTech since 2012, conducting a variety of field trials.

Sam can be contacted at

SynTech Research at CIR 2017

Members of SynTech France’s Team at CIR

SynTech France was present at the Chemical Industry Regulations (CIR 2017) event 5-7 September at the Nice Acropolis Convention Centre.

The event was a great opportunity for SynTech to meet current and potential new clients, to present its global range of services, discuss opportunities for the Company’s planned expansion of its Regulatory offerings, and to develop partnerships.

SynTech staff on the stand were: Jacques Galès, Managing Director, SynTech France and Germany, Dr. Isabelle Pronier, Manager, EU GLP program, Dr. Cristina Benros-Ythier, Regulatory Manager, SynTech France and Justine Jean-Marie from the Regulatory Team.

Next year’s event will take place in Barcelona, Spain 5-6 September 2018.

SynTech to attend Shanghai event

The 19th China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) is to take place 7-9 March, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) and SynTech Research have a booth.

Attendees from SynTech will be Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EU and Asia Pacific and Lino Rondon, Director, Asia Pacific.

About CAC

China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) is organized by CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry every March in Shanghai. First launched in 1999, CAC has become the world’s largest agrochemical exhibition. Integrating new product displays, technical exchange and trade talks, CAC serves as the world’s largest one-stop platform with the most active transactions for agrochemical trade, exchange and cooperation involved in pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, beyond-agriculture, production & packaging equipment, crop protection equipment, logistics, consultancy, laboratories and supportive services. It opens a window for Chinese agrochemical enterprises to expand into the international market, and is the annual get-together for global agrochemical business performers.

New Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to support EU Programs

Sciex 5500 in Hungarian Laboratory

SynTech Research is in the process of completing an Analytical Chemistry laboratory in Budapest, Hungary, to provide analytical support to its European field trials and ecotoxicology laboratory and field studies.

This is SynTech’s third analytical laboratory, supplementing its existing laboratories in Stilwell, Kansas USA, and in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  “Current expectations are that the laboratory will be fully operational by the fall of 2017 and an OECD GLP audit is scheduled for that time” says Scott Ward, Director of Laboratory Services at SynTech Research. “The GLP certificate should be in place by the end of the year, so the laboratory will be able to provide GLP residue services from the start of 2018”.