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2018 News

SynTech achieves GMO trial certification in Brazil

The Brazilian National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) granted the Certificate of Quality in Biosafety (CQB) to the SynTech Research Laboratory in Brazil to enable it to carry our GMO field trials.

SynTech establishes and opens new Research Station in China

SynTech Research has now established itself as a Company in China; Guilin SynTech Research Agriculture Service. This is based at its new Research Station facility in Lingui County, Guilin, Guangxi province. Currently, SynTech performs early development bioefficacy and...

SynTech Argentina gains renewal of GLP Accreditation

Following a successful inspected by OAA, the Argentine GLP Accreditation Organisation, Syntech Argentina has been re-accredited for Field Phase GLP Residue studies. In March 2014, the company was one of the first agricultural R&D Contract Research...

EU Analytical Laboratory GLP certified and fully operational

SynTech Research’s new European Analytical Laboratory in Budapest, Hungary has been inspected by the Hungarian GLP Monitoring Authority (OGYEI: National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition) who confirmed that the Laboratory operations are in full compliance with the...