SynTech France expands and establishes Seeds Technical Centre

Sampling barely seed trial, Macon Field Station

Sampling barley seed trial, Macon Field Station

Seed trial planting near Toulouse

Seed trial planting near Toulouse

SynTech Research France has acquired land and buildings to establish a GEP and GLP Seeds Technical Center at L’Isle Jourdain, in the intensive agricultural area around Toulouse in South West France. The site has 200 sq.m of laboratories, for activities such as seed preparation for trials, plus chemical storage and freezer chamber facilities. It also includes 90 sq.m of office space.

In addition, in response to increasing requests from clients for GEP and GLP (residues and ecotox) trials in the field, greenhouse and protected crops, SynTech has expanded its main Research Station in France and EU HQ site near Macon, Burgundy. The purchase of an additional 11 ha of land means that the Station has nearly trebled the area for trials, to 17 ha.