SynTech promotes BCA testing capabilities

Soil borne disease BCA application

Soil borne disease BCA application

For several years, SynTech Research has been delivering successful trials with Biocontrol Agents (BCAs) for the control of pests, diseases and enhancing crop emergence/growth and quality. It has serviced a number of customers by evaluating their potential products for this rapidly expanding sector (for a constantly updated list of products, see the online resource BCPC Manual of Biocontrol Agents).

We now have wide experience with macrobial (invertebrate) and microbial agents (IBCAs, MBCAs), semiochemicals, natural products and bio-chemicals, in a range of arable and horticultural crops, using our worldwide network field stations in 29 countries. Our scientists have evaluated an extensive variety of candidate products in laboratory, glasshouse and field programs, against pests, diseases, weeds and for growth enhancement/quality improvement.

SynTech is now promoting its worldwide capabilities to all organisations developing BCAs, most recently to members of the IBMA.

For further information see Biocontrol Agents