SynTech HQ supports Youth Bee Program in Kansas

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SynTech’s International HQ is based at Stilwell in Johnson County, Kansas, where the 4-H Beekeeping Club started in Spring 2015, to help ages 10-18 learn about the importance of bees in agriculture. SynTech Research made a donation to the Club, which was used to make display cases for frames, and to buy an observation hive.

“Members work alongside local beekeepers, learn about bees, their care, food plants and their products – and how to raise domestic bees” says Denise Woodard, Associate Research Scientist and Study Director at Stilwell. “Honey produced by the club’s hives is sold at local events, to raise funds for the program. The Club presented educational displays at the 2015 Johnson County Fair and Overland Park Ag Days, attended by over 9,000 people”.

SynTech supports Youth Bee Program

SynTech supports Youth Bee Program

For more information about the Johnson County Kansas 4-H Beekeeping Club visit their Facebook site at