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SynTech expands in Romania with a new field site

SynTech Research has now established an additional field site in south east Romania, in Bărcănești (north of Bucharest) to increase its coverage of the key agricultural areas in the country.

SynTech France takes to the skies

SynTech is now using drone technology to monitor crops in its studies, especially for bio-control and bio-stimulant evaluation

SynTech Research moves into Africa

As a further step in its global expansion strategy, SynTech Research is pleased to announce establishment of a new operating company: SynTech Research Africa.

SynTech upgrades analytical capabilities at its Brazil Laboratory

SynTech Research Brazil has upgraded the analytical equipment at its Brazil laboratory, including acquisition of the new Sciex® QTRAP 6500 Mass Spectrometer. Coupled with our new HPLC Agilent® 1290, this will deliver the very low limit of detections required by the...

SynTech achieves GMO trial certification in Brazil

The Brazilian National Technical Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) granted the Certificate of Quality in Biosafety (CQB) to the SynTech Research Laboratory in Brazil to enable it to carry our GMO field trials.