The 19th China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) is to take place 7-9 March, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) and SynTech Research have a booth.

Attendees from SynTech will be Eric Ythier, Business Development Manager EU and Asia Pacific and Lino Rondon, Director, Asia Pacific.

About CAC

China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) is organized by CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry every March in Shanghai. First launched in 1999, CAC has become the world’s largest agrochemical exhibition. Integrating new product displays, technical exchange and trade talks, CAC serves as the world’s largest one-stop platform with the most active transactions for agrochemical trade, exchange and cooperation involved in pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, beyond-agriculture, production & packaging equipment, crop protection equipment, logistics, consultancy, laboratories and supportive services. It opens a window for Chinese agrochemical enterprises to expand into the international market, and is the annual get-together for global agrochemical business performers.